Hyper Seal

Hyper Seal

Hyper SealAfter extensive research Protec Distribution Ltd are delighted to be able to provide Hyper Seal Liquid Metal Sealant their customers.

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Scientifically Advanced Formula

HYPER-SEAL is formulated with micro-copper fibers of varying size to ensure a fast, permanent seal of all holes or cracks in the cooling system. The micro-copper fibers flow into cracks that are too small to be seen by the human eye to provide a permanent and lasting seal. The  micro-copper fibers fill the entire crack from top to bottom to form a “complete weld” within large and small cracks within minutes. As it mixes with anti-freeze, it will not block any components in the engine.

The copper fibers also conduct heat across the crack or hole, eliminating hot spots that normally form around the edges of a hole or crack.

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Protec Approved By Scania

Protec Distribution Ltd are proud that SCANIA have endorsed products on the Protec range.

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